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Backtagging: Fine!
Threadhopping: Ask first, but most of the time I will say yes.
Fourthwalling: Ask first.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I have a pretty high tolerance for this but use some common sense.


Hugging this character: At your own risk. She'll push you away. By your face.
Kissing this character: She will probably not let you and also why would you want to?
Flirting with this character: She won't understand. At all. But you can go for it.
Fighting with this character: Fine by me!
Injuring this character: Just discuss it with me first.
Killing this character: Ask, but most of the time it's fine. Gems shrug off death like a summer cold so it won't affect her much.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Ask first.

Warnings: Peridot doesn't have many, or any, scruples so she's willing to do some pretty terrible things. I'll be sure to ask you if she's in a position to do anything nasty to your character.
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How am I doing with Peridot? Is she, ya know, insufferable enough? Let me know here! All comments are screened.
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Mun name: Parcel
Personal journal: [personal profile] caligraphunky
Age: 25
Contact: Plurk: Caligraphunky
Pronouns: Female
Other characters: Casey Jones (TMNT 2012)

Name: Peridot
Canon: Steven Universe
Canon point: Sometime after “Cry for Help” but before “Friend Ship”
Appearance: Peridot's model sheet
Age: Unknown. Gems are functionally ageless, but Peridot can't be more than 6000 years old and is probably much, much younger than that. In Gem terms, this makes her a very young child though she has an adult body.
Gender: Female, for all intents and purposes

Angry. Angry, rude, arrogant and cruel. She's no peach, even by Gem standards. Some of the time this comes off as cold ruthlessness, calculating pragmatism, and a lack of scruples born from her sense of Gem superiority. She has no problem simply discarding people and things she feels are useless. When in control, she's cool and unemotional...And when she's not in control she turns into a flustered screaming wreck.

It's very possible Peridot was made for the express purpose of serving as a technician in the Homeworld Gem's army. Things like empathy or sympathy or warmth are not needed for that kind of work, while a cool head and a pragmatic attitude would be infinitely more useful. One would think, then, that she could maintain those things in times of stress. This can probably be chalked up to her very young age and lack of experience. The mission to Earth may very well be her first real assignment as it was described to her as “easy” at one point and she apparently took the job on that assumption.

Peridot is not necessarily incompetent. When she's not panicked, she demonstrates thought processes based on logic. I.E. avoiding the Crystal Gems does not seem to be working, so let's try capturing them instead. There is a small creature that could potentially interfere with operations so let's interrogate it in case there is something vital to know before we destroy it. She's thorough with her work when she's allowed to carry it out without interruptions and agile when it comes to combat, her skills befitting her non-combatant role.

While her biggest flaw when it comes to new situations is her lack of experience, that is temporary and would not be so debilitating if it didn't so often combine with her arrogance. Gems as a race so often believe that the universe is theirs for the taking, and any kind of resistance seems to somewhat baffle them. Peridot is more easily flummoxed then most, as she tends to believe she has the upper hand right up until the point that she doesn't, whereupon her backup plans tend to be less well thought out. She reacts to situations rather than acts, failing to take initiative if she doesn't already have a plan in mind.

It's easy to dismiss Peridot as no threat because of her odd quirks and silly behavior. Slinging insults the way she makes her seem like a child throwing a tantrum, but she absolutely will hurt, maim, or kill anyone who gets in her way. Getting to the point where she CAN do these things is a sticking point, sure, but she can be very dangerous if allowed to be. She is, simply, determined to carry her missions out to completion, no matter what irritations (read: everyone and everything) get in her way.

History: This covers most of the character history, the history of Homeworld and the alternate history of Earth, and a timeline of events

Aspirations: Peridot is a follower. A grouchy, constantly griping follower, but a follower. Her life is her mission and the jobs that come with it. She'll start out looking for a person worth letting them lead her.
Fears: Peridot does not like not being in control and uncertainty. She's far more likely to run away from enemies if she has to engage with them directly.
Inventory: Peridot does not have anything with her.

Magic: Healing
Reason: Is “because it's funny” an acceptable reason?

Peridot has many of the powers Lux can grant in her homeworld but what she doesn't have is empathy. Healing would push her out of her comfort zone in a big way and force her to learn how use it to fight. She'll either develop the sense of when others are hurt or withhold it to be a brat.

RP samples: Bracketed RP samples

Paragraph RP:
Homeworld was going to hear about this. Peridot did not know exactly what Homeworld was going to do about it, but they were going to hear about it because someone should.

She had procured enough supplies to set up what would have to pass for a home base -wires, switchboards, the little light-bulb looking things that apparently conducted electricity, screens from the human TVs that she could make into displays, all insanely primitive but she can learn. She was just about to leave the mall with her haul but apparently there was one last human ritual that needed to happen before she could leave freely: the exchange of something the humans considered valuable.

She thought she'd had this bit down, at least, but the mall cashier seemed reluctant to take her offering.

“This is a valuable object, you clod, it should cover the cost!” She said, thrusting the crying baby in the carriage she'd swiped before entering the store, “Why are you being so difficult about this!?”

She could not understand why the human would not take the stupid thing. Humans spent such an awful lot of time fussing over the tiny creatures even though they stank and screamed and couldn't work and were basically completely useless until they became adults who were useless in a completely different way. Peridot rhythmically tapped the carriage against the counter, which did nothing to stop the ungodly amount of noise.

Peridot rubbed her temples. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. People were staring and she'd been making a sincere effort to go under the radar, as it were. No reason to make new enemies until she absolutely had to, she'd thought, but the amount of negative attention she was receiving now was putting that plan in jeopardy. She considered her options for a moment...and then slapped a nearby display of motherboards to the floor as a distraction, grabbed an armful of tech off the counter, and fled the store, vowing never to play by the human's stupid arbitrary rules again.

They were far more trouble than it was worth.

-Peridot, as an inorganic rock-based creature, does not need to eat or sleep to survive. She does have the ability to do these things, and she does not have unlimited energy.
-I would like to keep her ability to detach her limbs and use her fingers to fly, if possible. She won't be able to create electricity, use her tractor beams, scale walls, form her blaster, or any of her other powers.


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